Establishing successful long term investment partnerships

The Strongman Group owns and manages over $200 million in assets consisting primarily of commercial retail shopping centres and free standing buildings throughout Western Canada and Ontario.

We continue to grow these assets for the company and its partners by creating successful investments and joint ventures with trusted business associates and discerning investors.

As we continue to diversify and expand our real estate holdings, The Strongman Group also specializes in creating new opportunities and customized strategies for qualified investors seeking stable, long-term investments in the $1 million to $20 million range.

Our investment philosophy

The Strongman Group focuses on retail commercial real estate as its primary investment vehicle. We believe that retention of these assets, as opposed to turnover, is the most effective and reliable means of accumulating wealth. We depend on the capital appreciation of these commercial and industrial properties over the long term, on our efficient management of these properties and on the income they produce.