How we work

We serve a variety of corporations, investment groups and individual clients. . In all of our investment ventures, our policy is to assume a substantial portion of the investment ourselves, so that the potential risk and/or reward is shared with our partners. Our approach in each case varies according to the needs and requirements of the specific investor, and generally falls under three categories. Following are some examples that demonstrate the scope of our expertise and our method of working.

Finding and managing properties for corporate clients

The Strongman Group can use its nationwide real estate experience and resources to find suitable properties within given market parameters. We’ll present appropriate alternatives and make recommendations. We can also arrange for the acquisition of the property, create a construction or improvement budget, hire a reputable architect and supervise construction. When the project is finished, we can either turn it over to our client, or we can lease and manage the property on an ongoing basis. Management includes lease negotiation, rent collection and general property maintenance including snow removal, regular cleaning, repairs and upkeep.

Investment Partnerships

Frequently, we become involved in commercial retail investment ventures because an investor requires additional capital or expertise in a given area. In these cases, the investor might request our involvement in providing or raising additional funds, assuming ongoing supervision of the deal and/or management of the commercial property once it is acquired.

Long term investment opportunities

Occasionally, an individual or investment group with a minimum of $1 million to invest wants to find a commercial or industrial real estate property that fits with their long-term investment strategy.

The Strongman Group will present appropriate options and makes recommendations based on the client’s stated goals. In all cases, The Strongman Group plays an active role in managing both the investment and the property itself over the full term, as this method has proven to be the most effective means of ensuring satisfactory returns.